Air cooled condensers

EC fans
AC fans
AC fans with speed control
Freecooling integration

Power range from 60 to 1500 kW

High quality air cooled condensers with the possibility of integration
of free cooling, high variability of configurations from 2 to
18 fans.

Fan inside – best performance in its class. Fully built-in fans have
been developed using CFD (advanced flow simulation) and ensure
optimal airflow on the suction and discharge side of the impeller
along with noise reduction.

ETO ready: Engineer to Order – design and production processes are controlled to meet individual energy efficiency requirements or other specific technical requirements of the project. Individual configurations are designed in Alpenta Selection Software (ASS).

standard equipment

The standard design of the unit is already included in the base:
Fans – fully integrated, high-performance with optimized full diffuser
and guide vane (meets the requirements of the current ErP directive)
Condenser – long-term reliable heat exchanger with aluminum fins and copper tubes.
Cooling circuit – from 1 to 3 circuits in one device.

Construction –
galvanized steel sheet painted RAL 7035 provides long-term corrosion resistance.
Terminal block manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN 60204-1
protection relay for phase sequence control and phase failure.

Accessories on request

Accessories on request:
o Condensers with epoxy coating
o Fan speed control – EC fans or voltage control
o Rubber or spring anti-vibration mounts


AAC units – standard unit range

unit description

Condensing unit control
  The unit is externally controlled by digital or analog signals to the main terminal box of the unit.

Control panel
  Control panel, components and cabling manufactured in accordance with EN 60204-1. One mains connection point, protection class IP 54, phase sequence protection and optionally heated control box. Main on / off switch installed on the front panel, numbered and marked electrical wires for easy maintenance and service. All power components (compressors, fans, pumps) are thermally protected.
  HMI panel with protective cover or supplied for remote installation on request.

  Version “V” – vertical, version “H” horizontal.
Installing a flat top fan reduces the height of the unit and increases efficiency.
  Unit housing made of galvanized sheet steel coated with polyester paint RAL 7035. Optional rubber or spring anti-vibration mounts limit the transmission of vibrations to the supporting structure.

Air heat exchanger with fans
  Long-term reliable heat exchanger with aluminum fins and copper tubes, optionally equipped with a protective metal grille.
  Fans with the highest efficiency with optimized full diffusor and guide blade (meet the requirements of the ErP 2015 directive). Fan protection grille installed at the air outlet. The fans are fully installed inside the unit housing – flat-top, reducing noise distribution and increasing condenser efficiency. In a flat installation, the suction point of the fan is closer to the central point of the condenser.
  Fan motor protection class F and internal temperature sensor guarantee reliability at high ambient temperatures. Fixed speed and optionally variable speed with EC fans or voltage control.

TECHNICal data


ALPENTA s.r.o. has established and applies a quality system for design and manufacture of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment according to ISO 9001:2015.
SAC units design and production have been certified according to Directive 2014/68/EU.


ALPENTA s.r.o., Piletická 486, Hradec Králové, Czech republic
Alpenta reserves the right to change the technical information for improving the product at any time without prior notice.