EAC – RC (ERC) Cooling units

Remote condenser chillers
Freecooling and recovery options

Power range from 20 to 880 kW

High quality liquid chillers with the possibility of a complete hydraulic circuit, ready for cooperate with a remote condenser. 
Optional control of freecooling. High variability of configurations, many standard functions and a wide selection of optional accessories.

ETO ready: Engineer to Order – unit engineering and manufacturing process managed to meet individual requirements of energy efficiency or other project specific technical characteristics. Individual configurations are designed in Alpenta Selection Software (ASS).

ACS inside: Alpenta Control System – Advanced control of the cooling unit via main programable microprocessor controller. Dynamic high pressure setpoint and few limitation functions maximize working efficiency on partial loads and when outside conditions are close to the working limits.


standard features

Selected features of standard execution of the unit includes:
Compressors – hermetic high-efficiency scroll compressor with axial and radial compliance, crankcase heaters, internal overheating protection and discharge temperature monitoring.
Evaporator – efficient brazed stainless steel plate heat exchanger
Cooling circuit – condensation controlled by a high pressure sensor.
Hydronic circuit  differential pressure switch and manometer on water inlet and outlet.

Construction – galvanized steel sheet painted RAL 7035 provides long-term corrosion resistance.
Electrical switchboard –  manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN 60204-1, protective relay for phase sequence control and failure monitoring
Communication – Isolated RS485 interface for ModBUS® Master / Slave, BacNET® MS / TP

Accessories on request

Accessories available on request:
o Softstarters
o Remore control panel (HMI)
o Electric heating of control switchboard
o Low and high pressure refrigerant gauges
o Electronic expansion valve
o Desuperheater or full recovery

o Low-noise design – compressor jackets or structural covers of the unit
o Rubber or spring anti-vibration mount 
o Hydraulic circuit accessories – pump, reserve pump, expansion vessel, accumulation vessel, safety valve, shut-off valves, non-return valves
o Rubber or spring anti-vibration mounts




Operating limits
  Standard design (parameters with connected condenser) – cooling works at full load up to 0°C, with fan speed control (EC fans) and low-temperature design up to -20°C. In the summer season, the unit operates up to 45°C. Extreme temperature protection is supervised by the ACS limiting function. The setting of the required water temperature depends on the type of liquid used, the minimum target value for water is 4°C (for further details see the ACS technical documentation). 

External control
  Each unit could be controlled by an external on / off signal to the master controller and sends an alarm signal to the superior control system.

Alpenta Control System (ACS)
  Sophisticated control system ensures data collection and subsequent control in real time to ensure maximum operating efficiency with respect to energy savings and service life of technological components of the unit. Main functions of the application take care of:
    Cooling / heating power control based on measured parameters, dynamically adjusting the unit’s power to maximize energy efficiency.
   – Limitation of cooling / heating capacity in situations leading to operation at the limit of the technological possibilities of the unit.
   – The three-level alarm system protects against damage caused by operation beyond the technological capabilities of the device.

MaR Switchboard
  Control panel, components and cabling manufactured in accordance with EN 60204-1. One mains connection point, protection class IP 54, phase sequence protection and optionally heated control box. Main on / off switch installed on the front panel, numbered and marked electrical wires for easy maintenance and service. All power components (compressors, fans, pumps) are thermally protected.
  HMI panel with protective cover or supplied for remote installation on request.

  The main microprocessor controller preconfigured during the factory test with default settings helps you get it up and running quickly. Intuitive user interface with three levels of access – user, experienced user and technician.
  The RS485 serial communication port enables remote management via ModBUS® or BacNET® control protocols. Optional Ethernet port.

  Hermetic scroll compressors from a renowned manufacturer with axial and radial adaptability for excellent reliability and efficiency, equipped with crankcase heaters. Compressors with low noise and vibration levels are installed on anti-vibration mounts, optionally equipped with anti-noise casings.
  Electronic discharge temperature monitoring and integrated motor thermal overload protection. Check valve on discharge. Measuring the operating time and number of compressors starts helps to optimize the switching sequence and service diagnostics.

Water heat exchanger
  The AISI 316 stainless steel plate heat exchanger, externally insulated with rubber insulation, is located inside the chiller structure. The threaded hydraulic water connection is led out of the housing of the unit.
  3-step frost protection with differential pressure switch, NTC water temperature sensor and low refrigerant pressure sensor with ACS limiting function.

Heat recovery
  Partial (desuperheater) or complete heat recovery from stainless steel brazed plate heat exchangers located inside the unit structure. The unit is equipped with an additional water heat exchanger mounted on the compressor discharge line in series or in parallel with the air condenser. 
  This solution makes it possible to recover up to 25% of energy with a desuperheater or 100% of condensing heat with complete recovery. The heated water can be used for sanitary or other purposes

Cooling circuit
  Soldering of cooling circuits with a protective atmosphere performed by certified personnel. Before filling with refrigerant, each refrigeration circuit of the unit is subjected to a pressure test, a leak test and then evacuated. 
  Each refrigeration unit is subjected to a complete functional or computer simulation test to ensure operational quality. 
  The refrigeration circuit is equipped as standard with a hermetic or replaceable cartridge type dehydrator, solenoid valve, thermostatic or optionally electronic expansion valve, sight glass with moisture indicator, low pressure switch, high pressure switch with manual reset, compressor discharge temperature sensor, high pressure and optionally low pressure sensor. pressure relief valves according to the requirements of EN 378-2 and suction line insulation.
  The device is further equipped with non-return valves, a collector and optionally a liquid separator

Hydraulic circuit
  All parts of the hydraulic module are located completely inside the unit. 
  Standard components of the chiller hydraulic circuit consist of NTC water inlet and outlet temperature sensors, a differential water switch, a manometer with shut-off valves to measure the pressure difference on the evaporator. 
  The unit can be optionally equipped with a centrifugal pump, reserve pump with operating balance and automatic switching, non-return valves, shut-off ball valves, expansion vessel with maintenance shut-off valve, safety valve, vent valve, filter and drain valve. All pipes and vessels are thermally insulated with insulation with closed cell structure technology.

  Unit housing made of galvanized sheet steel coated with polyester paint RAL 7035. Optional rubber or spring anti-vibration mounts limit the transmission of vibrations to the supporting structure.



ALPENTA s.r.o. has established and applies a quality system for design and manufacture of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment according to ISO 9001:2015.
SAC units design and production have been certified according to Directive 2014/68/EU.


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Alpenta reserves the right to change the technical information for improving the product at any time without prior notice.