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Air handling units

The ventilation and air conditioning of living spaces has a major impact on the health of their residents. The ventilation system maintains the required temperature and humidity, regulates the CO2 content and also protects against dust from the outdoor environment. The air handling units ensure the supply of only clean and fresh air of the required temperature and, possibly, to the room. humidity. It goes without saying that the equipment is equipped with a heat recovery system for supply-exhaust units.

Modular air handling units

Multifunctional air handling units for commercial and industrial use offer a huge variety of designs, so that the resulting assembly meets the requirements of the given project. Both fully assembled type series and compact configurations are available.

Compact air handling units

Modern living is mainly about comfort, safety and energy efficiency. Compact units are used in residential buildings and smaller service establishments. Various designs are available for installation under the ceiling or on the frame.

Air handling units