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Heat pumps

Commercial and industrial heat pumps are especially suitable for use in complex heating and air conditioning systems of medium and large buildings – as heat sources or sources of both heat and cold.

Depending on the needs of a specific project, it is possible to choose a solution with priority heating or cooling, or to supplement heat recovery in order to maximize energy savings.

Reversible air-water heat pumps

Reversible heat pumps provide high energy efficiency especially at medium temperatures in winter (up to -15 °C) and as liquid chillers in summer. The devices serve as heat sources in bivalent heating systems and at the same time as chillers for powering air conditioning systems.

Low temperature air-water heat pumps

Reversible heat pumps with EVI technology are intended for installations in which operation is expected at very low temperatures (up to -25 °C). The devices are designed for maximum efficiency in heating mode and at the same time can serve as chillers in the summer.

Water-water heat pumps

Non-reversible heat pumps are designed as liquid chillers working with heating priority.


Heat pumps