Individual solutions

Our flexible organization allows us to respond to individual requirements and non-standard needs of a specific project. An individual, tailor-made system designed for a specific application guarantees the customer the best possible solution without compromise.

Equipment can be designed to meet the needs of a given project to:


Freecooling is an energy method that uses low ambient air temperatures to cool a liquid, which can then be used for industrial refrigeration or air conditioning. This system can supplement or completely replace the work of compressor cooling and achieve significant energy savings. In industrial processes, freecooling is used to cool the process fluid, and in commercial applications it is used to cool the medium for air conditioning units in buildings. If the outside temperatures drop below the corresponding value, the chiller ensures that the fluid passes through the freecooling system, which results in the use of the lower outside air temperature to cool the fluid in the system.

The application of freecooling makes more sense as the difference between the desired outlet fluid temperature and the ambient temperature increases. ALPENTA liquid coolers maximize savings by utilizing all modes of free cooling operation – i.e., also the simultaneous operation of the freecooling system and compressor cooling
to supplement cooling capacity during the transient period.

Heat recovery

In refrigeration systems, heat recovery is used to capture the waste heat generated by the cooling system. The recovered heat can be used for a variety of purposes such as heating of the building or heating of domestic and process water. The heat recovery process can thus lead to reduced energy consumption, lower greenhouse gas production and a lower carbon footprint.

ALPENTA chillers and heat pumps can be equipped with partial or full heat recovery according to the requirements of the specific installation.

Intelligent control system

ALPENTA is developing the ALPENTA Control System (ACS), which provides several advantages for the technological efficiency of the plant, the possibility of connectivity via different interfaces and the automatic recording of operating data independently of all data connections.

For IOS devices

With the ALPENTA app, you can control the device yourself, without special knowledge.

For ANDROID devices

S aplikací ALPENTA můžete zařízení ovládat
sami, bez speciálních znalostí.

Pro zařízení se systémem IOS

Pro zařízení se systémem ANDROID


Switching to eco-friendly refrigerants

Regulation of fluorinated greenhouse gases based on the European Union regulation, which aims to gradually reduce the amount of fluorinated greenhouse gases used until 2030, sets annual quantitative limits for placing these gases on the market. The maximum amount of these gases throughout the EU has been gradually reduced since 2015. Modern refrigerants are produced with regard to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the environment. These refrigerants are designed to have a low climate impact while maximizing energy efficiency. Alpenta develops, tests and gradually markets equipment using refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP) – R454B, R452B, R32, R513A, R290.

Devices filled with certain types of refrigerants (e.g.: R290) are equipped as standard with refrigerant leak detectors with an automatic system for disconnecting electrical devices from the voltage, possibly with a ventilation system for critical parts of the device. To process the technical design of equipment with class A2L, A3 refrigerants, it is possible to use the ALPENTASel design software or contact the ALPENTA sales office directly.