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Alpenta is one of the leading companies in the production of HVAC equipment in the Czech Republic.

The development of Alpenta is due to people with many years of experience in the HVAC industry. The basic engine of our company’s growth is building strong relationships with professional partners in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment distribution. Most of our production is intended for export.
Our products supply air conditioning systems in airport buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, data centers and other commercial buildings.
We also supply refrigeration units for industrial use in storage and production – for the food industry, plastics production, pharmaceutical industry, etc.


We are constantly developing technology and control system for refrigeration units in order to increase energy efficiency and reliability. Our own test station enables operational analysis of chiller work at different energy load and conditions.
ALPENTA air-cooled chillers are standardly designed with the possibility of applying a freecooling system – from the smallest sizes of SAC1 units to the largest AAC18 type units.
Reversible chillers with heat pump function are suitable for aplications with energy demand from 10 kW to large commercial buildings such as airports, shopping centers or hospitals. Each chiller is subjected to a functional test when finalizing the production process.

Our experience, a wide range of versions in all model lines, agile production strategy and our commitment allow us to individually address complex cooling needs.

The production of AHU of the AEROSTAR brand is carried out on the basis of a license from Ventservice ltd. The quality and experience in the field of design and production of AEROSTAR air handling units is also confirmed by the EUROVENT certificate (GreenSTR units).

The administrative part of ALPENTA is located in the Technology Center Hradec Králové and the  production plant is located in the industrial zone adjacent to the Škoda Auto car plant industrial zone.


Alpenta Management System (AMS)

The product quality plays a primary role in the technically and process-wise very demanding production of refrigeration equipment. We have been implementing a policy of continuous quality improvement in all perspectives of the organization’s management for a long time.

Our internal ALPENTA Management System (AMS) as comprehensive quality deployment system has been assessed and subsequently certified in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of the ISO 9001 standard.

„ALPENTA s.r.o. has implemented and applies a quality system for the design and manufacture of HVAC equipment according to ISO 9001: 2015.”


We see social responsibility in the economic, social and environmental fields as an integral part of our corporate policy.

The company ALPENTA s.r.o. adopts this code of ethics as a set of core values ​​and approaches to business that they follow in their business activities. The company ranks among its most important tasks the maintenance of good reputation and trust of all stakeholders.
Adherence to the company’s code of ethics is its moral obligation governing the conduct of employees towards the company, customers and other business partners, government agencies and the public. The company carries out all activities ethically and with good intentions in strict compliance with all legal standards.
Customer relations
Honesty and equality towards customers are considered by the company to be the basis of a successful and lasting business relationship. The company ensures that its products comply with the declared quality parameters and requirements contained in national and international standards.
• The company is aware of the importance of the timeliness of all deliveries.
The Company will not use any means other than business to attempt to sell its products methods legitimately recognized.
• The company considers corrupt practices of any kind to be unacceptable.
• Customer information is considered confidential by the company.
Relationships with suppliers
• The Company does not use any means other than legitimately recognized business methods when purchasing products, etc., and never abuses its market position..
• The company considers corrupt practices of any kind to be unacceptable.
• The company respects all contractual arrangements and payment morale.
• All information about relationships with its suppliers is considered confidential by the company.
Employee relations
Employee relations are based on respect for the dignity of each human being. The Company recruits and promotes employees on the basis of their fitness for the job without any political, racial, religious or national discrimination, regardless of gender, age, status, or incapacity that does not relate to work tasks. The company does not tolerate sexual, physical or psychological harassment of employees.
The company strives to create a hygienically safe, safe working environment, a favorable working climate and favorable conditions for increasing the professional level of employees. The company requires employees to follow the principles of safe work, compliance and use of the established working time fund. The company requires that in relation to the company’s assets, employees do not act in conflict with the legitimate interests of the employer and properly manage the entrusted funds in the interest of protecting the employer’s property. Information that employees obtain about the company in the course of their work may not be used for personal gain or for any purpose other than that for which it was intended.
The company ensures regular remuneration of its employees for work performed, including the proper payment of wages within the agreed deadlines. The company promotes as a basic strategy competition in the market based on the product itself, the quality of services offered and price competitiveness. Therefore, disproportionate hosting or donations to suppliers and customers, as well as accepting disproportionate gifts and hospitality from customers or suppliers, is strictly prohibited.
In the company, negotiation procedures are preferably used to resolve possible labor disputes between the company and employees.
Relations with state and regional administration bodies
In its business activities, the company also takes into account the interests of the wider social environment, including national and regional interests. The company communicates with state administration bodies using true information about the company. The company takes care of proper bookkeeping and timely payment of its financial obligations to state and local government bodies.
The company individually considers and is open to charitable activities and sponsorship of amateur sports.
Environmental protection
The company has a constant interest in improving the quality of the environment. The company actively participates in eliminating the consequences of its business activities and, by adjusting technological procedures, seeks to minimize the impact of the production process on the environment. The company informs its surroundings about its environmental program. The company respects the standards set for waste, emissions, etc. in its business activities.
Relations with competitors
The company acts vigorously but honestly in the competition. The company does not damage the reputation of competitors. The company ensures that employees in contact with competitors respect the confidentiality of business information or other confidential information. The company does not attempt to obtain information about competitors’ business in dishonest ways. The company does not use restrictive business practices.
The relationship of employees to the company
Employees are obliged to protect the company’s assets and ensure their effective use. Unauthorized personal use of company property of all kinds is strictly prohibited. Employees have a duty to maintain the confidentiality of information entrusted to them by the company or its clients even after termination of employment. Employees are required to provide accurate and complete information to company executives, internal and independent auditors, and all other persons authorized to obtain information.
Adherence to ethical principles
Each manager is responsible for acquainting his subordinates with the content of the code. The value framework of the company’s management is based on the assumption that employees can express their opinions about the behavior of the company or its employees or about decisions that they consider unethical. The management of the company deals with all suggestions and information in connection with the violation of this code of ethics and, if necessary, also ensures that appropriate measures are taken.

The company ALPENTA s.r.o. is a manufacturer of refrigeration equipment. The company’s mission is primarily to meet customer requirements through the production and supply of reliable and high-quality refrigeration equipment at a competitive price. Minimal environmental impacts are one of the key core values ​​of the company’s operations
Principles of environmental and energy policy
– Strive for continuous improvement of the environmental management system and further introduction of continuous inspections of the management system in the perspective of environmental protection and reduction of energy intensity of processes.
– Systematically educate and motivate employees to take an active approach and adhere to the principles of environmental protection in an appropriate manner.
– Fulfill binding obligations in the field of environmental protection that apply to our company.
– Minimize the negative impacts of production and support processes on the environment through preventive measures and systematically prevent pollution.
– Minimize the negative impact of possible ecological emergency situations.
– Encourage the purchase of energy-efficient products and services and look for ways to reduce energy intensity.
– Introduce and maintain at least compliance with environmental and energy legislation, do not increase the environmental impact of the environment beyond the necessary level.
– Introduce more environmentally friendly technologies.
– Introduce energy consumption as a key element in pollution prevention.
– Actively influence suppliers so that their products or services are in accordance with the company’s quality and environmental criteria.


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