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Water-water heat pumps

Water-cooled single-circuit to three-circuit units designed for commercial or industrial applications. The units are intended for indoor or optional outdoor installation.

The device is prepared for the integrated installation of a hydraulic module according to an individual configuration – with a pump, reserve pump, accumulation and expansion tank.

As standard, the units can work with cooling or heating priority (heat pump mode) and can also be equipped with energy-saving technologies – heat recovery for heating water by recovering condensation heat. Various energy efficiency and low-noise designs are available.

The measurement and regulation system of the cooling device is provided by a full-fledged PLC control unit with the possibility of ModBUS connection and automatic storage of operating data on a microSD.



Product design:
water cooled water chiller
water/water heat pump
water/water reversible heat pump

Technological advantages

HP Dynamic Setpoint – smooth control of high pressure depending on the load maximizes energy efficiency. Electronic control of the injection of the evaporator expansion valves increases the efficiency of the exchangers.

ACS – ALPENTA Control System – dynamic
high pressure setting value and several limiting functions maximize efficiency at part load
and in outdoor conditions close to operating limits.

ASS – ALPENTA Selection Software – allows you
to design hundreds of energy configurations so that the device meets individual requirements for energy efficiency or other specific technical requirements
of the project.

ETO ready: Engineer-to Order – unit engineering and manu- facturing process managed to meet individual requirements of energy efficiency or other project specific technical characteristics. Individual configurations are designed in Alpenta Selection Software (ASS).

RS485 Modbus for cooperation with the superior system, automatic data recording on microSD and the possibility of extension with the Mater/Slave function.

Standard equipment
Optional accessories