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Compact Chillers


R410A, R454B,
R452B, R32, R513A

Nominal cooling power
od 108,0 do 669,0 kW (R410A)

Basic technical parameters (R410A)

* Example of full device type designation: AAC6-274C-6PS4E
Data declared according to EN 14825:2018 and EN 14511:2018. All data refers to standard units without accessories/options working at nominal conditions.
[1] Data referred to nominal conditions, ambient temperature A35 °C and W12/7 °C
[2] Data declared according to (EU) 2016/2281 for comfort low temperature application, fixed water flow and variable outlet water temperature.
[3] Current value that specifies the minimum main power wire size and circuit breaker size (operating value FLA is lower).
[4] On the basis of measurements taken in compliance with EN ISO 9614-1.
[5] At 10 m distance from the external surface, unit in a free field (in accordance with EN ISO 3744).
[6] Refer to empty units with no options fitted.

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